• 0-20mg nicotine
  • 500-700 puffs
  • Fully charged
  • 2 different colours
  • 14 day return policy

E-cigarettes from SmokeSmart

SmokeSmart offers e-cigarettes in seven carefully selected flavors, with and without nicotine. It is calculated between 500 - 700 puffs per e-cigarette. They are fully charged upon delivery, so you don’t need a charger, liquid or other accessories.

Strict quality controls
Before our e-cigarettes leave the factory, they undergo rigorous quality controls. They contain no carcinogens or other harmful substances.

What should I do when e-cigarettes from SmokeSmart are depleted?

Depleted e-cigarettes should be handled and treated as normal battery waste and other dangerous waste. They are considered electrical and electronic waste due to the e-cigarette's built-in battery. This means that they should not be thrown into the same bin as ordinary household waste, but must be delivered to either environmental stations, recycling stations or mini-recycling stations. The e-cigarettes can also be delivered to any return points for batteries and mini electronics, which should be available at all grocery stores that sell batteries.

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