• 0-20mg nicotine
  • 500-700 puffs
  • Fully charged
  • 2 different colours
  • 14 day return policy

E-cigarettes from SmokeSmart

SmokeSmart offers e-cigarettes in seven carefully selected flavors, with and without nicotine. It is calculated between 500 - 700 puffs per e-cigarette. They are fully charged upon delivery, so you don’t need a charger, liquid or other accessories.

Strict quality controls
Before our e-cigarettes leave the factory, they undergo rigorous quality controls. They contain no carcinogens or other harmful substances.

Can I get any side effects from e-cigarettes?

Under normal use of e-cigarettes, based on experience and needs, obvious side effects are rare. In case of excessive vaping, you may experience side effects such as dizziness, nausea, coughing, dry throat, sweating and irritation in the mouth.

Some people may also experience increased heart rate, blood pressure and reduced oxygen saturation. The side effects first mentioned are also reactions that may occur from allergy to propylene glycol, which is one of the ingredients in the liquid used in the e-cigarettes from SmokeSmart. An allergic reaction may occur, and happens to about one in 1000.

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