• 0-20mg nicotine
  • 500-700 puffs
  • Fully charged
  • 2 different colours
  • 14 day return policy

E-cigarettes from SmokeSmart

SmokeSmart offers e-cigarettes in seven carefully selected flavors, with and without nicotine. It is calculated between 500 - 700 puffs per e-cigarette. They are fully charged upon delivery, so you don’t need a charger, liquid or other accessories.

Strict quality controls
Before our e-cigarettes leave the factory, they undergo rigorous quality controls. They contain no carcinogens or other harmful substances.

E-cigarettes from SmokeSmart

An e-cigarette is an electric inhaler that produces vapour by heating the vapour liquid in the e-cigarette. These e-cigarettes are fully charged upon delivery and shouldn’t/can’t be recharged. This leads to increased safety and makes it easier to bring the product when you’re out and about. Vapour is offered both with and without nicotine, where the amount of nicotine varies from 0mg to 20mg.

The e-cigarette doesn’t contain any harmful substances and therefore doesn’t affect the people around you.

E-cigarette with different flavours

The e-cigarettes from SmokeSmart are available in seven different and carefully selected flavours. You can choose between the flavours tobacco and menthol, with or without nicotine. We also offer the three different fruit flavours strawberries, blueberries and apple, as well as the exotic flavours vanilla and cappuccino. If you find it difficult to choose flavour, it is also possible to choose mixed packs with all the variants included.

This is how an e-cigarette works

An e-cigarette consists of essentially two parts; an evaporator and a part for the battery. They can last for several months before they need to be replaced. When the user activates the e-cigarette, the evaporator will be powered by the battery. Furthermore, the evaporator will start producing vapour which is inhaled in the same way as other cigarettes. When the user takes a puff of the e-cigarette, the LED-lamp will light up because of a sensor that detects when a puff is taken. A microprocessor controls both the heating element and the light function. The heating element evaporates the nicotine. The e-cigarette cartridge contains liquid nicotine which is dissolved in harmless liquid. E-cigarettes from SmokeSmart are ready to use, so you don’t need a charger, any liquids or other accessories. Due to a larger and more efficient battery, the number of puffs per e-cigarette has increased from normally 300 to about 500-700.