• 0-20mg nicotine
  • 500-700 puffs
  • Fully charged
  • 2 different colours
  • 14 day return policy

Updated 21-09-2020

Due to the ever changing rules in Norway towards import of goods into Norway from outside of Norway please notice following:
When you order on this Website and lives in Norway, please notice that there will be added duty when the order is imported to Norway. This duty is not included in the price that you pay on this website upon checkout.

E-cigarettes from SmokeSmart

SmokeSmart offers e-cigarettes in seven carefully selected flavors, with and without nicotine. It is calculated between 500 - 700 puffs per e-cigarette. They are fully charged upon delivery, so you don’t need a charger, liquid or other accessories.

Strict quality controls
Before our e-cigarettes leave the factory, they undergo rigorous quality controls. They contain no carcinogens or other harmful substances.

New products

New products

Facts about SmokeSmart's e-cigarettes

  • We guarantee high quality and 14 days full return policy
  • Available in 2 colors. Regular cigarette color with red light and black with blue light
  • Delivered fully charged upon purchase


  • Can choose between different amounts of nicotine
  • Each e-cigarette holds around 500-700 puffs
  • Comes in seven different flavors

Check out he range of e-cigarettes

illustrasjonsbilde pakke med e-sigaretter uten nikotin

Between 500 - 600 Puffs

E-cigarettes with a capacity of between 500-600 puffs can be purchased, both with and without nicotine. For those of you who don’t want nicotine, we have theZero package. In our range of e-cigarettes with nicotine, you can choose between the packs Dark, which has a blue light indicator, Menthol for a fresher taste and the Classic packs with containing nicotine amounts of either 6g, 18g or 20g. You can choose between four different sizes of packs, from four to forty pieces per pack.

When choosing the right amount of nicotine, you should base this on level of experience and nicotine consumption that is appropriate for you. All of our e-cigarettes are fully charged and ready to use upon delivery. This means that you don’t need any accessories, such as a charger, or having to refill new liquid when the e-cigarette is empty.

You can find our range of e-cigarettes with 500-600 puffs below. You can find more information about each product, by clicking on them.

illustrasjonsbilde pakke med e-sigaretter med mentol

E-cigarette with up to 700 puffs

This category consists of e-cigarettes containing nicotine, with up to 700 puffs per product. The product comes in both classic tobacco flavour and menthol flavour. You can choose from four different packs with 4 to 35 products. They are charged and ready to use.

illustrasjonsbilde tre pakker med e-sigaretter dark, classic og uten nikotin

E-cigarette Mixed Packs

If you’re not sure about which product to choose, you have the possibility to try our mixed packs. You can choose the package that suits you, based on the amount of nicotine and taste. 18 e-cigarettes in each pack, spread out according to desired type and taste.

illustrasjonsbilde pakke med e-sigaretter med fruktblanding

E-cigarette with fruit flavour

If you want a fruity flavour, you can choose between apple, strawberry or blueberry, or a package where you can combine them. The e-cigarettes have a nicotine amount of 10mg and you can choose packs with 4 to 40 products.

illustrasjonsbilde pakke med e-sigaretter med fruktblanding

E-cigarette with Exotic Flavour

Now you can buy e-cigarettes with exotic flavours of cappuccino or vanilla. Full charged with up to 500 puffs and a nicotine level of 10mg. The product is fully charged and ready to use, and you can choose between packs of 4, 10, 20 or 40.

E-cigarettes from SmokeSmart

SmokeSmart offers a wide range of flavours and different nicotine levels for e-cigarettes. This means that you as a customer have the opportunity to combine a solution that suits your personal needs. It is calculated that there are between 500 - 700 puffs per product. They are fully charged upon delivery, so you don’t need a charger, liquid or other accessories. Our products are safety approved and comply with all standards set by the EU.

Different flavours

SmokeSmart offers e-cigarettes with and without nicotine, where the amount of nicotine varies from 0mg to 20mg. We also offer different flavours such as menthol, vanilla and cappuccino, as well as various fruit flavours such as strawberry, blueberry and apple. Before you select a favourite, it’s possible to choose a mixed packs where all the variants are included. A starterkit and refill can be purchased if you haven’t used the products from SmokeSmart before.

This is how the e-cigarette from SmokeSmart works

The product consists of essentially two main parts; an evaporator and a part for the battery. The evaporator is powered by the battery, which in turn helps with starting the evaporation when the user activates the e-cigarette. A LED-lamp will light up when the sensor detects that the user is taking a puff. Because the battery is larger and more efficient, the number of puffs per e-cigarette is around 500-700.

The vapour liquid consists of three bases; water, flavouring and propylene glycol, as well as nicotine if you have chosen this. Propylene glycol is a water-soluble molecule used as a solvent in the e-cigarettes. This substance is also used in food production, cosmetics and medicines. You can read more about propylene glycol here.

Fully charged upon delivery.

Our products are fully charged upon delivery and can’t/shouldn’t be recharged. The vapour liquid is therefore encapsulated in the casing, so you aren’t able to refill the e-cigarette. This leads to increased safety for you as a user, and is therefore easier to take with you when traveling.


  • Battery-powered
  • The LED-lamp will light up when a puff is taken
  • Microprocessor that controls both the heating element and the light function
  • The sensor detects when a puff is taken
  • The heating element evaporates the nicotine
  • The cartridge contains liquid nicotine dissolved in harmless liquid
  • Don’t need a charger, any liquid or other accessories

Safety Checks

As a guarantee to our customers, our factory complies with all the security requirements that have been set and all e-cigarettes are hand-checked before leaving the factory. All our products are of course safety approved and comply with all standards set by the EU. CE and ROHS. There are no carcinogens or other harmful substances in our products.

Contact our customer service centre today if you are in doubt about which product to choose!